Tuesday, August 17, 2010

glimpse of amazement...

Magic is in the eyes of the spectator. It allows a moment of pure astonishment. Spectators stand in awe of what has happened. Somehow it creates something in their minds, something that will be worth remembering. They wont believe it but they will be amazed by MAGIC...

It has been quite a while that i am doing magic for my family, my friends and also for people and it really gives me great sense of happiness. Although sometimes it can make me nervous performing to someone i don't know still it creates a moment astonishment. 

I usually do card magic aside from doing coin and other magic. I still remember when i was able to survive my first so called performance. It was when i did a magic to my sisters and knowing my sisters they tend to heck (spoils) what i am doing. But when i did everything right, their was a moment of silence and i can see the smile their faces. During that time i saw pure amazement. They ask me things like, "how did you do that?!", "what happened?!". The moment was full of surprise and of course happiness.

Doing magic also improves the artistic side of me. Magic is not only made to amaze people but to let them see the art of magic. Performing magic takes a lot of artistic creation like flourishes, shuffles and many more. With art it stuns people and somehow creates a quick moment of shock. 

All in all, i love performing magic may it be to a group of people or individually. 

Me and my friends made a video long time ago. CLICK HERE! 

Hope you enjoy reading and also watching the video.. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

walk talk = smile

"nothing beats a good walk with friends" - oh yeah!!

Spending time with friends makes you laugh and remember lots of great memories. Also if its unplanned it makes it the best. So me and my best friend Lois met each other at SM city Davao where she is actually working. After her duty, we had a stroll then we met Dennis and Rege who is actually having an activity (COSPLAY) which is pretty cool. I really am amazed on how artistic people can be when it comes to wearing anime costumes. Also the way they put into reality the character that they are imitating. 

See what i meant by artistic?! This guys are pretty good at what they do.

Rege, Lois and Me. 
Of course first shot will be of formal pose.

Of course, nothing beats a wacky pose...

Me, Lois and Dennis
i consider this a semi-formal pose...maybe!!

Then comes another of our wacky pose. 
Great facial expression shot.
and yes, peace for all best friend.

After our "photo shoot" we spent time strolling the mall and also talking. Also we went window shopping cause basically we don't have budget for shopping. But still we all had fun. More of this kind of get together will come. I am pretty sure it will. SOON!  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

fly away..

"Someday i will travel" - ME!!

Since i was a kid i always dreamed of going to different places. Although i already had my trip to Manila when i was still 4 i guess and we went there by sea. Second time i went to Manila was just last year and that was the first time i boarded one big airplane. During that time i was really happy that finally after how many years i traveled boarding an airplane. Anyways, that wont be the end of me riding airplanes, i am still young and i still wish to go to places. Now that i already finished college, hopefully i could travel before i go to work. It would be fun discovering new places, new culture, meet different kinds of people and especially travel for food. 

1st stop, BORACAY, one good tourist spot. I love being at the beach and this place has everything. White sand beaches, great hotels, bars, beach parties, scuba diving and everything fun when at the beach. If the place is great then the food will be too. Seafoods, barbecues, island drinks and many more. Before going international, this place will be my first stop. Someday! 

Hong Kong! My parents had their trip here long time ago and they left me here. But still i read a lot and heard a lot from the internet and some of my friends who already went to this place. Hopefully i can go to Hong Kong next year, even if i go alone ill still enjoy it for sure. Also ill go to Macau to gamble make money. Even if i lose it won't matter as long as i enjoyed and i won't be spending much of course. Chinese foods and Hong Kong style foods, night markets, rides and many more. 

The land down under, the place where kangaroos and koalas live. My aunts and uncles and my cousins live there. We will be there soon too. Maybe ill visit this December because my aunts and uncles said that they will let me visit them and spend Christmas with them. I am really excited. All i have to do now is wait and process all the needed requirements. I guess ill be staying for at least 3 months or hopefully more than that. 

But for now, i have to focus first on passing the board exam and after that i can relax at these places. After that, reality will be there to embrace me. Work will be next.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

write it down..

I just remembered some of the things during my childhood. Also i wanted to say something about writing materials that i used during those days and what i am to use for the future. Its funny because we use writing materials almost everyday. 

When i was still a toddler, i know that i used crayons in order to scribble things on a sheet of paper, on a notebook and most specially on our floor and wall. Then my parents would be mad and let me clean the mess i made. 

Early days of schooling, teachers usually let us use crayons and as i remember the big pencils for us to write. Colorful are those days when we become very artistic. Even if we only paint a picture with one color we are amazed of what we made. 

Then eventually we learn to use pencils because our talent in writing has grown. We use our pencil in order to write our name, to spell easy words, to draw simple images and to answer quizzes. 

Using the pencil can also be the key to work out the artistic part of a person. Its starts with an imagination and the pencil creates the art. Although some use paintbrushes, charcoal and etc. I consider the pencil to be great when in comes to drawing.

As we grow, we slowly forget using our pencil and we start saying hello to the use of pens. During my high school days i often use pens to take down notes on the subjects. Until now i use pen more often than pencil. See how great it is from crayons to pencil, from pencil to the use of pen.

As we become professionals and have our degrees we now use sign pens in order to jot down our signatures on contracts, agreements, legal documents and etc. Each day we grow we change, as well as the materials we use. As i observed, when a person ages we upgrade.

As technology evolves each day, new innovations come into play. The spread of touch screen technology creates a new way on writing i mean typing messages. It is easier and fun to do.

Hopefully i can own an ipod touch or an iphone.. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

do this instead...

This past few weeks i spent my time on reviewing for our board exam and it really does drain my energy. Knowledge is what i get out of it though but still it is more on overloading my mind that is why its draining. Also sometimes i tend not to listen anymore and instead i eat eat eat and eat snacks that i bought and brought along with me. I keep thinking that theres still lots of time for me to review. The board exam will be on December so i still have at least 4 months to go. Anyways, instead of me story telling about my study life, there are some things i would like to do besides attending review.

5. Going to the beach
-Rather than attending classes, this is one of the best places i should go. Where the sand touches the sole of my feet, the waves rush to the shore and all you can hear is the sound of nature.
4. Play PSP
-One of my addictions is playing this game console. My PSP gives me everything that i need, well not really everything but it can let me listen to music, play my games and also i can watch some videos. 

3. Internet
-The internet basically has everything. I can even get some notes out from it but still i use my computer not for studying but for many other things it offers like facebook, youtube and many more.

2. Eat eat eat!!
Better than studying right?! I definitely love pizza, brownies, burgers, barbecue, pasta etc. Food is one of the best things life can offer.

1. Rest and sleep
-For me to stay at home and stay on bed is the best thing. Soft pillow, air conditioner and some music will be great. Nothing beats a good old rest!

Still i need knowledge that is why i wont be absent again!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

able to see..

Can you imagine how life could be without your eyes?! How difficult it is to survive life?! 

I have 6 pet fishes at home and 1 of them is blind. I feed them all and observe that blind fish on how it can feed itself. It swims up and down, up and down searching for food in every corner of the aquarium while other normal fishes had no problem on feeding themselves because they can see where to go and they know what to do. The blind fish struggles every time they are being fed. Even though my blind fish pet cannot see, it survived.

The way i observed my pet blind fish each and every day, it makes me realize so many things. One of them is that i am thankful having both my eyes, i am able to see the wonderful sites the world can offer. I can see people as they live their own lives, as flowers bloom each day the morning sun shines down on them, how the birds flies and to be able to see beautiful colors around. Most especially to be able to see how i can live the life i want to have. The person i am in the future, the family i will have and the friends i will make. 

We can see how people survived even if they lost their sense of sight. They never stopped believing that they can live. For me, they are even more talented because they maximize everything they have. They serve as our inspiration that even though life can sometimes be dark there will always be light. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Have a glimpse of who i am, what i do and why i live.


Definitely i am a living person capable of living, laughing and loving.
I live life the way i want it to be and maybe the way i should be living it.
I only live once might as well make the most out of it.
Challenges may come and its part of life and by these we learn.
In the process, life begins and it progresses and we accept it.


I consider laughing as one of the best medicine we can ever have. 
Laughing with family, friends and by simply just laughing.
It lifts our spirit up and also helps us forget our pain, suffering and those things not worth remembering.
It summons a positive aura that helps you live life with ease.
That is why i keep myself happy.


Family, the most important people in my life.
They helped me create the person i am now.
Friends, who is always there no matter what happens.
Through thick and thin, through it all.
To you, who makes me complete.
and most especially to GOD who will never ever leave me..
By these I LOVE..