Monday, August 2, 2010

able to see..

Can you imagine how life could be without your eyes?! How difficult it is to survive life?! 

I have 6 pet fishes at home and 1 of them is blind. I feed them all and observe that blind fish on how it can feed itself. It swims up and down, up and down searching for food in every corner of the aquarium while other normal fishes had no problem on feeding themselves because they can see where to go and they know what to do. The blind fish struggles every time they are being fed. Even though my blind fish pet cannot see, it survived.

The way i observed my pet blind fish each and every day, it makes me realize so many things. One of them is that i am thankful having both my eyes, i am able to see the wonderful sites the world can offer. I can see people as they live their own lives, as flowers bloom each day the morning sun shines down on them, how the birds flies and to be able to see beautiful colors around. Most especially to be able to see how i can live the life i want to have. The person i am in the future, the family i will have and the friends i will make. 

We can see how people survived even if they lost their sense of sight. They never stopped believing that they can live. For me, they are even more talented because they maximize everything they have. They serve as our inspiration that even though life can sometimes be dark there will always be light. 

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