Sunday, August 15, 2010

walk talk = smile

"nothing beats a good walk with friends" - oh yeah!!

Spending time with friends makes you laugh and remember lots of great memories. Also if its unplanned it makes it the best. So me and my best friend Lois met each other at SM city Davao where she is actually working. After her duty, we had a stroll then we met Dennis and Rege who is actually having an activity (COSPLAY) which is pretty cool. I really am amazed on how artistic people can be when it comes to wearing anime costumes. Also the way they put into reality the character that they are imitating. 

See what i meant by artistic?! This guys are pretty good at what they do.

Rege, Lois and Me. 
Of course first shot will be of formal pose.

Of course, nothing beats a wacky pose...

Me, Lois and Dennis
i consider this a semi-formal pose...maybe!!

Then comes another of our wacky pose. 
Great facial expression shot.
and yes, peace for all best friend.

After our "photo shoot" we spent time strolling the mall and also talking. Also we went window shopping cause basically we don't have budget for shopping. But still we all had fun. More of this kind of get together will come. I am pretty sure it will. SOON!  

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