Thursday, August 5, 2010

fly away..

"Someday i will travel" - ME!!

Since i was a kid i always dreamed of going to different places. Although i already had my trip to Manila when i was still 4 i guess and we went there by sea. Second time i went to Manila was just last year and that was the first time i boarded one big airplane. During that time i was really happy that finally after how many years i traveled boarding an airplane. Anyways, that wont be the end of me riding airplanes, i am still young and i still wish to go to places. Now that i already finished college, hopefully i could travel before i go to work. It would be fun discovering new places, new culture, meet different kinds of people and especially travel for food. 

1st stop, BORACAY, one good tourist spot. I love being at the beach and this place has everything. White sand beaches, great hotels, bars, beach parties, scuba diving and everything fun when at the beach. If the place is great then the food will be too. Seafoods, barbecues, island drinks and many more. Before going international, this place will be my first stop. Someday! 

Hong Kong! My parents had their trip here long time ago and they left me here. But still i read a lot and heard a lot from the internet and some of my friends who already went to this place. Hopefully i can go to Hong Kong next year, even if i go alone ill still enjoy it for sure. Also ill go to Macau to gamble make money. Even if i lose it won't matter as long as i enjoyed and i won't be spending much of course. Chinese foods and Hong Kong style foods, night markets, rides and many more. 

The land down under, the place where kangaroos and koalas live. My aunts and uncles and my cousins live there. We will be there soon too. Maybe ill visit this December because my aunts and uncles said that they will let me visit them and spend Christmas with them. I am really excited. All i have to do now is wait and process all the needed requirements. I guess ill be staying for at least 3 months or hopefully more than that. 

But for now, i have to focus first on passing the board exam and after that i can relax at these places. After that, reality will be there to embrace me. Work will be next.


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