Tuesday, August 3, 2010

do this instead...

This past few weeks i spent my time on reviewing for our board exam and it really does drain my energy. Knowledge is what i get out of it though but still it is more on overloading my mind that is why its draining. Also sometimes i tend not to listen anymore and instead i eat eat eat and eat snacks that i bought and brought along with me. I keep thinking that theres still lots of time for me to review. The board exam will be on December so i still have at least 4 months to go. Anyways, instead of me story telling about my study life, there are some things i would like to do besides attending review.

5. Going to the beach
-Rather than attending classes, this is one of the best places i should go. Where the sand touches the sole of my feet, the waves rush to the shore and all you can hear is the sound of nature.
4. Play PSP
-One of my addictions is playing this game console. My PSP gives me everything that i need, well not really everything but it can let me listen to music, play my games and also i can watch some videos. 

3. Internet
-The internet basically has everything. I can even get some notes out from it but still i use my computer not for studying but for many other things it offers like facebook, youtube and many more.

2. Eat eat eat!!
Better than studying right?! I definitely love pizza, brownies, burgers, barbecue, pasta etc. Food is one of the best things life can offer.

1. Rest and sleep
-For me to stay at home and stay on bed is the best thing. Soft pillow, air conditioner and some music will be great. Nothing beats a good old rest!

Still i need knowledge that is why i wont be absent again!!

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