Tuesday, August 17, 2010

glimpse of amazement...

Magic is in the eyes of the spectator. It allows a moment of pure astonishment. Spectators stand in awe of what has happened. Somehow it creates something in their minds, something that will be worth remembering. They wont believe it but they will be amazed by MAGIC...

It has been quite a while that i am doing magic for my family, my friends and also for people and it really gives me great sense of happiness. Although sometimes it can make me nervous performing to someone i don't know still it creates a moment astonishment. 

I usually do card magic aside from doing coin and other magic. I still remember when i was able to survive my first so called performance. It was when i did a magic to my sisters and knowing my sisters they tend to heck (spoils) what i am doing. But when i did everything right, their was a moment of silence and i can see the smile their faces. During that time i saw pure amazement. They ask me things like, "how did you do that?!", "what happened?!". The moment was full of surprise and of course happiness.

Doing magic also improves the artistic side of me. Magic is not only made to amaze people but to let them see the art of magic. Performing magic takes a lot of artistic creation like flourishes, shuffles and many more. With art it stuns people and somehow creates a quick moment of shock. 

All in all, i love performing magic may it be to a group of people or individually. 

Me and my friends made a video long time ago. CLICK HERE! 

Hope you enjoy reading and also watching the video.. 

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