Wednesday, August 4, 2010

write it down..

I just remembered some of the things during my childhood. Also i wanted to say something about writing materials that i used during those days and what i am to use for the future. Its funny because we use writing materials almost everyday. 

When i was still a toddler, i know that i used crayons in order to scribble things on a sheet of paper, on a notebook and most specially on our floor and wall. Then my parents would be mad and let me clean the mess i made. 

Early days of schooling, teachers usually let us use crayons and as i remember the big pencils for us to write. Colorful are those days when we become very artistic. Even if we only paint a picture with one color we are amazed of what we made. 

Then eventually we learn to use pencils because our talent in writing has grown. We use our pencil in order to write our name, to spell easy words, to draw simple images and to answer quizzes. 

Using the pencil can also be the key to work out the artistic part of a person. Its starts with an imagination and the pencil creates the art. Although some use paintbrushes, charcoal and etc. I consider the pencil to be great when in comes to drawing.

As we grow, we slowly forget using our pencil and we start saying hello to the use of pens. During my high school days i often use pens to take down notes on the subjects. Until now i use pen more often than pencil. See how great it is from crayons to pencil, from pencil to the use of pen.

As we become professionals and have our degrees we now use sign pens in order to jot down our signatures on contracts, agreements, legal documents and etc. Each day we grow we change, as well as the materials we use. As i observed, when a person ages we upgrade.

As technology evolves each day, new innovations come into play. The spread of touch screen technology creates a new way on writing i mean typing messages. It is easier and fun to do.

Hopefully i can own an ipod touch or an iphone.. 

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